Transportation services providing logistics company

Transocean was first established in 1993 February 12 to serve the export and import markets in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Russia and the CIS countries. Transocean have won the agency for the internationally renowned and reliable deep sea shipping lines of ACL Atlantic Container Line and NYK Nippon Yusen Kaisha.

International shipping by sea containers, car and railway

Transocean can thus offer competitive and reliable transports by sea to many overseas areas, such as east and west coast of North America, South East Asia, Far East and many others. Transocean has also an office in Latvia. Besides, Transocean provides agency services for US Navy ships which are on visit in Estonia.

As agents for both ACL and NYK, Transocean can serve their clients with a large variety of both RoRo and Container transports. We devide our services to three subvisions.

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Phone: +375 17 2407791, 2409007
Fax: +375 17 2409155